2018 Billy Martin Classic A Success
A Sincere Thank You...

I want to personally thank you on behalf of Debbie and the William J. Martin Foundation. Our 17th annual Billy Martin Classic was very special as we honored two people who deeply impacted my life and yours in so many ways. Through you amazing kindness, we raised $35,000!!!

Debbie asked that we donate the proceeds specifically to TNBC research. We are excited to tell you that we found a partner who will make Debbie's wish a reality. The TNBC Foundation (www.tnbcfoundation.org) has a grant program which funds initial phase research for projects approved by their scientific committee. TNBC agreed to pass 100% of our $35,000 donation into funding their next approved research project. What's really great is they will let us know who the recipient is and how to follow the projects progress. Who knows, a few years from now, we could actually know with certainty that our donation directly funding a cure, effective treatment, or immunization for TNBC.

So 2018 proved yet again how your friendship and generosity endures as we keep Billy's...and now Debbie's...memories alive and make donations to worthy causes.

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